Vision Parents Empowered of Chicagoland connects parents of the blind or visually impaired by creating opportunities to provide mutual support, share local information and advocate for increased access for our children. Our organization promotes local meetings and events showcasing activities designed to provide children affected by blindness and vision impairment the access to the same opportunities as their sighted peers. VPEC collaborates with visual impairment professionals and organizations, museums, recreational and cultural organizations, among others to provide enhanced experiences that help children to expand their knowledge of the world around them. We want to make learning a fun,

powerful and inclusive process for our children!


Learn about our exciting initiatives, and what we are working on in order to promote change on how blind children can explore the world.

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Supporting our Community of Parents

"I can't give enough thanks to the support of VPEC. Being surrounded by other parents who share your thoughts, concerns and wishes for your child is indescribable. From the numerous events just to a simple phone call, I'm never alone in the process of raising my visually impaired child. We are all part of a community that supports each other and there is nothing like it."


Raquel, Romeoville

Mother to Brandon (4) , Norrie's Disorder

Empowering Parents to Empower their Children

One Organization at a Time

“When my son was 3 months old my husband and I were crying in an exam room at my son’s first neuro ophthalmologist appointment. I was struggling to hear anything the doctor was saying to me besides the word BLIND. We were told come back in a couple of months and received a referral to a retina specialist. I left the office in shock; I did not know a single blind person. None of my friends’ children had special needs. I felt so alone and depressed for much of my son’s infancy. I wish that something like VPEC existed when my son was first diagnosed. My hope is that I and the other members of VPEC can be there to support and encourage other families that are newly diagnosed with visual impairment and blindness.”


Alana, Elmwood Park

Mother to Lincoln (5), Chorioretinapathy

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learning opportunities


“Our family is so grateful to have found and joined VPEC! Our daughter is visually impaired and it can be so difficult to find relevant resources in the area on our own. Everyone at VPEC has a common need, but different experiences to share, so there is always someone able to help answer your questions. I have never experienced such support and dedication. One of the unique things about VPEC, is that they plan accessible events with other organizations in the Chicago area specifically designed for our kids. A whole new world has opened up to us because of the amazing people who are a part of VPEC!”


Michelle, Riverside

Mother to Catherine (5), Microcephaly, Epilepsy, ADHD, Esotropia with Nystagmus, Optic Atrophy 

Jen, Romeoville - Mother to Jack (2)

Jen, Romeoville - Mother to Jack (2)